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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Pest Control Services

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, there may come a time when you’re in the market for pest control services. It may be that you have an infestation that needs to be dealt with fast. It may be that you’re looking for preventative measures to keep your property safe.

Either way, Googling local pest control services will throw up a lot of results. So, how can you be sure you’ve chosen the right one?

There are five crucial elements to consider when selecting pest control and pest treatment services, as follows…

Understanding Different Types of Pest Control Services

Our first tip is to be sure that you’re aware that different pest control companies may offer different services – and you’ll want to choose the right service for the job.

Chemical pest treatment services rely on the use of chemicals to exterminate pests. These chemicals can include poisons, put out for the pest to consume, as well as pesticides, which are sprayed on plants to kill insects.

Biological solutions tend to be more long-term and involve making changes to the environment to make it unappealing to pests. These solutions can include introducing natural predators (such as ladybirds to deal with aphids), or planting plants that pests are repelled by.

Finally, mechanical solutions are more physical approaches designed to trap or repel pests or prevent them from gaining access to your property. Examples of mechanical solutions include traps, spikes, decoys, netting and ultrasonic repellents.

The type you choose will be down to the type of infestation you have. Mechanical solutions tend to work well for birds, which are protected by law. Biological solutions can be great deterrents before an infestation occurs, while chemical pest treatment services are often used for insects and rodents.

Does the pest control company you’re considering offer the right solutions for your needs?

Importance of Certifications and Licensing in Pest Control

Here in the UK, there’s no legal requirement for pest control companies to be licensed and certified.

The exception is where the company uses pesticides: if this is the case, they’ll need a Certificate of Competence (or Specified Certificate) in the Safe Use of Pesticides.

Before you decide on which pest control services to use, it’s vital to check their certifications. Certification by one or more professional industry bodies shows a pest control company’s commitment to meeting industry standards. This means you can guarantee that work will be carried out safely, responsibly and legally – and to a high standard.

Certifications to look out for include those from the British Pest Control Association (BCPA), the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA), Killgerm (a pest control training provider) and BASIS PROMPT: a register of professional pest controllers in the UK.

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Pest Control Services in the UK
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Evaluating Pest Control Methods and Treatments

When you choose pest treatment services, you’ll want them to be both safe and effective.

You’ll want to be certain that you and other occupants of the property won’t be negatively affected by the treatment that’s used, and you’ll also want to be sure that the solution fully eliminates the problem.

A reputable pest control company should provide you with reasons why they have chosen particular bird, rodent or insect control services over others. They should fully inform you of any potential safety issues, and make you aware of how long the method will take to work.

Any proposed solution should be tailored to your situation: a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work when it comes to pest control. A reputable company should take time to understand your property and your requirements and suggest methods that fit.

For some people this might seem like too much hassle – especially when there are over-the-counter pest control products available for you to use yourself. Be warned, though: DIY fixes may end up costing you money without giving you results.

Many pests have become immune to shop-bought chemical solutions, while the deterrents you might find online won’t work for long before pests realise what you’re up to. What’s more, it can be hard to get to the real root of the problem: if you have pests living inside walls or in the roof of a large commercial property, tackling the problem safely and effectively is best left to the professionals.

Considering the Reputation and Reviews of the Pest Control Company

To assess the reputation of a pest control company, first take a look at their website. Any industry certifications and accreditations should be clearly displayed – if they’re missing, they may not be bound to meet certain standards.

As well as meeting industry standards, you’ll want to see what the customer experience is like too. Take a look at the company’s Google reviews, as well as websites like Checkatrade, which offers reliable recommendations for tradespeople of all sorts.

Comparing Costs and Guarantees of Pest Treatment Services

Some pest control companies may have prices listed on their websites…but are these realistic? Every pest control job is different and should be priced accordingly.

The quote you receive should be based on the information you have given, and should be easy to understand. It should be clear exactly what you’ll be receiving for the money you pay: is it a one-off treatment or will return visits be needed? How long do you expect it to take? Is there a clear signal that the company will take full accountability for their work, putting right anything that may go wrong?

Getting quotes from a few different pest control services can help you to understand which option is right for you. Remember, too, that cheapest isn’t always best. The difference between “cheap” and “value for money” is important to bear in mind.


Pest control isn’t necessarily something anyone wants to spend money on – but to protect your property from damage, protect its occupants from health issues and give you peace of mind, it can be a necessity. If you’re spending money on rodent, bird or insect control services, you’ll want to make sure it’s done right. Consider these five elements when making your decision and you’ll reduce the risk of wasting money and time.