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Unwanted Birds Becoming A Problem?
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Bird Proofing & Prevention.

At Pest Stop Boys, our bird proofing solutions have been designed to be as humane and non-intrusive as possible. Working with you, we take time to establish the best proofing plan for your property and aim to complete all work within the first visit!

Our industry-leading preventative measures and proofing solutions ensure your property stays bird-free, allowing you to free yourself of those unwanted flying visitors!


Following an initial consultation, we work with you to decide on the best preventative measure to use – by taking time to decide on the correct proofing strategy, we can ensure safety to both yourself and your property.

Our most popular proofing techniques include –

  • Bird netting
  • Bird Spikes
  • Chimney Protection
  • Ultra Sonic
  • Visual Deterrents


We aim to respond to all enquiries within the day, and offer a 24/7 emergency service meaning we’re on hand to help whenever your pest problem arises!

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