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Bees & Wasps

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Do you have a Bee or Wasp problem?
Our reliable team are ready to solve your bee or wasp issue!
Effective Bee & Wasp Solutions.

At Pest Stop Boys, we pride ourselves on being good in a crisis, reacting to problems quickly and efficiently.

Using professional-grade products helps us to remove wasps and bees effectively and safely, with all of our work being carried out after a full risk assessment.

We offer a free call-out service, completing our work at the very highest of standards.

Treating wasp and bee infestation can be done within one visit and with a very fast quotation, we could solve your problem before you know it!


We aim to rehouse bees, so we remove the swarm or nest and find them a new home where they are safe to live.


Using a single treatment, we eradicate wasps and remove the nest.

We offer a 24/7 emergency service to make your problem ‘buzz’ off as soon as possible!

Why Pest Stop Boys?
We know exactly how scary a bee or wasp infestation can be, that's why we've established a reliable, professional and trust-worthy solution to an irritating problem!
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Where do we work?
Our reactive team are based in the South East and work all over East & West Sussex