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How To Keep Birds Away: Prevention Tactics

Birds are an important part of our ecosystem. That doesn’t mean, though, that we necessarily want them making their homes on our property.

Certain bird species in the UK are classed as pests and can cause significant damage, as well as introducing health risks. What’s more, there are also legal and ethical considerations to bear in mind when removing them from residential and commercial properties.

That’s why prevention tactics – learning how to keep birds away rather than waiting until they’re settled – are so important. Read on for all you need to know.

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Want To Keep Birds Away
Birds are an important part of our ecosystem. That doesn’t mean, though, that we necessarily want them making their homes on our property.
Common Bird Species as Pests

Not all UK birds are pests – there are some that cause more problems than others.

Some of the most common culprits are gulls of all types, as well as pigeons.

However, there are plenty of other bird varieties that are also attracted by the promise of food, safety, nesting materials and shelter that both residential and commercial properties can provide.

These include collared doves, starlings and house sparrows, as well as crows and swallows.

While they may seem small and harmless, these bird species can cause all sorts of damage and destruction – and even health problems, too.

Risks Associated with Bird Infestations

They may be relatively small, but birds can cause a surprising level of damage to the property they call home.

They can get into loft spaces and strip insulation materials to use in their nests. They can damage the building itself when building this nest.

They can strip crops of fruit or vegetables to use as food sources, and go through bins for the same reason, scattering rubbish everywhere.

Their droppings can be corrosive as well as carrying disease, and the birds themselves could host mites, ticks or other parasites that can make humans, pets and livestock unwell.

What’s more, the discovery of a safe nesting site is like a golden ticket for many bird species. They’ll remember where they’ve nested this year, and next year they’ll most likely come back again. Make your property as unattractive to them as possible, though, and you can significantly reduce the likelihood of this happening.

DIY Methods to Deter Birds

If you’re wondering how to keep birds away, DIY bird pest control methods can help. There are plenty of solutions that are not only simple and effective, they’re also humane, too.

These include:

  • Hanging reflective objects around your property. These need not be expensive – even things like old CDs will work.
  • Installing bird spikes on ledges and in any potential nesting areas.
  • Using garden netting to protect your plants and trees.
  • Placing decoy predators, like fake snakes or owls, around your property.
  • Introducing noise deterrents, like ultrasonic devices or even wind chimes.
  • Applying bird-repellent sprays or gels to common perching spots.
  • Using a motion-activated sprinkler system (with the added bonus of watering your garden, too!)Growing plants like marigolds or lavender, which are natural bird repellents.
  • Placing balloons or bird scare tape in particularly problematic areas.
  • Setting up an alternative feeding station away from your main area.

Importance of Humane Bird Control

While elimination is the way forward when dealing with some pest species, birds are different. UK home and business owners are bound by law (which we’ll come onto later) to try ethical and humane solutions before taking more drastic measures.

Ethical solutions include the measures we’ve detailed above. Essentially, your aim is to use deterrents that make it less likely that birds will want to use your property as a food source or a nesting site.

However, every property – and every bird infestation – is different. Finding the right ethical solution – as well as making sure you stay on the right side of the law – can be a minefield. That’s where professional bird pest control services come in.Professional Bird Pest Control Services

By using professional bird pest control, UK home and business owners can save themselves time, hassle, and even money. Any reputable bird pest control services will tailor their recommendations to your specific situation. Their experience will mean that they can recommend and implement the right solution for the species that is causing the problem and the area to be treated, and they’ll be able to advise you on other steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of it happening again.

You may find that the areas you need to target are tricky – or even dangerous – to access on your own. Work with a bird pest control company, though, and they’ll have all the tools and equipment they need to work quickly, effectively and safely.

With so many bird pest control services out there, though, how do you decide on which to use?

Pest Stop Boys' Approach to Bird Control

As you’ll see from our Checkatrade reviews, we pride ourselves on great customer satisfaction. Following an initial consultation, we’ll work with you to establish the right preventative method(s) to use – and we’ll aim to be with you as quickly as we possibly can.

We’ll always arrive in an unbranded van so as not to attract the attention of nosy neighbours or unduly worry business customers, and our industry accreditations and certifications will give you even greater peace of mind.

With our years of experience in the industry, we’ve seen it all. We know how to keep birds away from your property safely, quickly, ethically and legally.

Legal Considerations in Bird Pest Control

We’ve talked already about the ethical requirements for bird pest control in the UK – but there are also legal considerations to bear in mind.

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1991, it is illegal to take, intentionally injure or kill a wild bird or its eggs. There are a few situations where it’s possible to obtain a licence to exterminate birds if they are particularly problematic, but these are few and far between.

That’s why we always focus on proofing rather than extermination when it comes to bird pest control problems. While they can be seriously disruptive and cause damage to both property and health, birds are protected, and their removal must always be handled in the right way.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can help with your bird pest control needs.